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Static Stretching VS Dynamic Stretching: The Difference

What really is the difference between static and dynamic stretching? 

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) defines dynamic stretching as a multiplanar extensibility with optimal neuromuscular control through a full range of motion. Simply put, dynamic stretching is a more active form of stretching, that incorporates movement throughout. An example of dynamic stretching is walking quad stretches demonstrated below.

Static stretching is defined as elongating a muscle without any movement, in a challenging yet comfortable position. Static stretching can be done with no assistance, or with assistance like a wall or objects to help deepen a stretch. An example is demonstrated below.


Which is More Beneficial?

The short answer is that they both are! The nature in which you use either one, depends on what type of activity you will be doing. 

Multiple studies have shown that if you are doing a more intense activity, like participating in a sport, dynamic stretching has been shown to be more beneficial before a work out. This is because the combination of slight movement increases the heart rate, which creates more blood flow to the muscles. Incorporated with a stretch really increases the extensibility of muscles and encourages smooth moving joints, creating more spring in your overall movement.   

Studies have also shown that static stretching after working out can help decrease the chances of injury by improving your flexibility. Another reason why stretching after a workout is beneficial, is that it helps decreases the intensity of soreness you might experience the day of or  days after a workout. 

However, there are plenty more benefits of static stretching and dynamic stretching! So make sure that you spend more time stretching!