Matt O'Connor

As one of the most experienced trainers at VERVE, Matt O'Connor also has a rich history of multi-disciplinary sports and athletics. He's always been a natural athlete, playing competitive varsity basketball, baseball, track and soccer during his high school years. From these sports, Matt's passion and performance in soccer rose to the top when he was voted to the Washington Post’s division one All-Metropolitan soccer team. He joined a select 11 other nominees from Maryland, the District, and Virginia to be honored with photographs in the paper, fancy award dinners, and recognition for his dedication to the sport.

Soccer kicked other opportunities to Matt's way including a spot on Virginia’s regional state team for Olympic Development and an athletic scholarship to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. There, he played division one soccer and his team ranked as high as number two in the nation; never falling below a top 10 seed. Thereafter, Matt also tested the waters of playing semi-pro soccer.

Like so many post-college graduates, Matt was unsure of his path after school. He began working at VERVE part-time, and over the course of a year made note of how personal training greatly benefited not only the clients but also the trainers; he observed that these trainers really cared about their clients! Matt's interest was peaked, and he thought perhaps this is a career that would work with his background in sports and enthusiasm to embark on something new. Thus, Matt began the VERVE training process with the best of the best.

Despite his hectic schedule at VERVE, Matt still manages to play the sports he loves; soccer and basketball, in recreational leagues all over the DC-metro area. If he doesn't see you at VERVE, perhaps he'll spot you on the turf or courts.